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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You Only Think You Have the Right to Vote

If your voter registration has you listed as a Democrat, or you are in any way considered part of a demographic that leans Democratic, you will quite possibly be denied the right to vote in November.

According to this diary at DKos, this purge occurred after this year’s primary, so do not allow successful primary voting to be a determinate in your consideration about your eligibility to vote.

The Republicans know that they cannot win on their own merits. They know that the polls show that the Country is done with Republican rule. They know that their policies go against American wishes and values. They know that they cannot win so they will steal the elections again.

The Whitehouse has been eerily upbeat about the midterms. One sentence in this article has received little attention:

The question is whether this is a case of justified confidence -- based on Bush's and Rove's electoral record and knowledge of the money, technology and other assets at their command -- or of self-delusion.

I am certain that the author of this article intended “technology and other assets” to mean the Republican get out the vote software and their last 72-hour voter drive activities…but we can take it to mean what it truly does; electronic voting machines that flip the votes and the new Diebold voter registry system software that purges [Democratic] voters from the rolls.

Thom Hartmann did a piece this morning on the danger of the voter rolls being purged. White Rose Society replays Thom’s program daily. You can listen to the archives of his show here.

They stole the 2004 election. The proof is overwhelming and there has been nothing done about it. We cannot count on the Republican Congress to do anything about it. We cannot count on the Republican Justice Department to do anything about it.

We must take this into our own hands and confirm for ourselves that our registration is active and then confirm that our votes our counted. You can register to vote here and get access to your Secretary of State to confirm that your registration is active. You can also confirm your registration here.

If our votes are denied us, or our exit polls do not match the ‘official count,’ what will we do to demand that our votes are counted?

When the July election in Mexico was thought to be fraudulent (and later, proven to be,)(PDF) the Mexican people took to the streets and demanded that their votes be counted. Unfortunately, despite the proven fraud, the election was called for Calderon. The ballots are to be burned. This is our story too - but no one in the corporate media seems willing to report on it here. Corporate media seems unwilling to speak the truth about our broken elections.

Mark Crispin Miller, author of “Fooled Again” an amazing book on how the Right stole the 2004 election, warns us about their continued ability, and desire, to steal elections.

The following sites are dedicated to insuring that all of our votes are counted and provide substantial proof about the stolen elections:

Verified Voting

Voting Integrity

Voters Unite

Brad Blog

Black Box Voting

Truth Out articles on voters rights and questionable elections.

Coalition for Voting Integrity

Crisis Papers, selected articles and links about stolen elections.

In addition to all of the information about the 2004 elections, there is also a tremendous amount of information about the 2000 election and the disenfranchisement of thousands of people. A short flash movie about the 2000 election, and a report by Greg Palast, shows how they did it.

We know what they will do, because they have done it before. We are well aware of their dirty tricks.

This time we need to get out in front of it. We need to take some steps to get this story out into the media. This is action that we need to take now, before the elections, before the wrong people are sworn into office, before oaths are taken when the elections have not yet even been certified.

If you know anyone in Ohio; call them. Ask them to go to the county office and see if they have been purged.

Get this story out. Contact everyone you know. Contact the media – ask them if they are covering the story of Democratic voters being purged from the rolls in at least four states.

Blog this story. We need to get out in front of the deception before the deception is allowed to take over.

It truly seems like most Americans have no concept anymore of what democracy is. The seeming willingness of so many people to roll over and take it - loss of our Bill of Rights, loss of our privacy, loss of our right to vote - our seeming willingness to allow them to take America from us, must stop and must stop now. What more will it take for the outrage to turn to action? What more will it take for the people to stand up and tell them, "no more!"?

This is our America. Either it is an America where we all have the right to have a say in our Country, in our laws, in who represents us - or it is despotism. Without a say, without our vote, we have a tyranny. Will it be self-imposed tyranny, by our unwillingness to fight them while we still could.


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