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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Am Still Alive

We have had some tremendous weather around here (I feel like I live in bizarro world....we awoke to snow this morning!) We lost our power for a week after the biggest storm that our area has ever seen. There are still some people who do not have power. It is truly tragic.

I lost a week of my life and it was the important before Christmas week when I act like super-mom and accomplish everything. I tried to catch up in the two days that I had; it did not work very well.

Things are hectic. I apologize for being so absent. I have not checked my political email for a few weeks….

There are 4400 emails waiting for me to open. Holy crap!

OK, here are a few petitions and such to let you know that I am still alive.

Send a message of support to Nancy Pelosi.

See the Love Your Body posters. Yesterday, in the mail, I received the 2007 NOW calendar, “Love Your Body.” It is truly a fabulous campaign, check out the posters.

Take Wall Street out of politics.

Stop funding the war – start investigations.

• John Edwards wants to hear from us before making the decision to run for President. Write to him at:

Citizen’s Hearing on the Iraq War Tribunal

Upcoming forums on Washington Clean Elections.

Vote on who Working Assets should donate to.

Iraq Veterans Against the War response to the ISG report.

Fight global poverty.

The Death of the Bill of Rights

Great audio file on the impending Police State.

Write to Congress and tell them what you think about the illegal Iraq Occupation.

Follow the Money…

Thank Gov Gregoire for supporting clean elections.

The Fantasies of the Baker Report and The Dems Go Silent on Iraq

For those wondering about last minute write-offs, here are several organizations who are seeking year end tax-deductible donations.

Human Rights First

Save Darfur

Amnesty International

NOW Foundation

American Jewish World Service

Verified Voting

The Progressive

War Kids Relief

Just 6 Dollars

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Anything Short of Reparations is Not Enough

I am sickened, terribly, by the new frame of the US occupation of Iraq.

According to corporate media, some Democratic Leaders, many Republican Leaders and the Bush Administration it is the Iraqi’s fault that things are so devastatingly horrible in Iraq.

Iraq is a proud Nation of 26 million people, none of whom asked that we come in and destroy their country. None of whom asked that we murder, or cause the murder, of 655,000 of their citizens. None of the 1.5 million displaced Iraqis asked to be refugees.

They did not ask for any of this to be done to them and now, because of the clusterfuck that we have caused, the only way for this Administration to attempt to save face is to blame the Iraqis. (Remember, this is the “personal responsibility” president, yet I have never witnessed him taking responsibility for anything.)

Bush claims that the US will leave Iraq if the Iraqi government asks us to. This has been stated before, back in 2004, that we would leave if the Iraqi government asked us to.

The government has asked for a timetable for withdrawal, over a year ago, this was not honored. They asked for a timetable because unfortunately, the Iraqi Parliament cannot yet ask us to leave. I suspect that Bush is aware of this, or he would not have made that statement.

He said that we would leave when the Iraqi “government” asked us to leave, not the Iraqi “people.” He did not say the Iraqi people because he knows that the Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people have wanted us out since Sadaam was overthrown. Bush could not leave then, there was too much money to be made off of the 'rebuilding', too much of an opportunity to create the Neo-Con wet dream. He has never cared what the Iraqi people want. Never.

The only reason to stay in Iraq now is to attempt to save face, put off the inevitable until another Administration can be blamed for the disaster and to continue to war profiteer.

Fraud in Iraq costs us $4 Billion a year. Fraud is rampant and the Bush Administration continues to make it easier to war profiteer.

Georgie knows that he has no way out. There are now reports that the Administration is turning to “solutions” which could be even more devastating than what they have already done. This Administration has absolutely no conception of history and its application to the present.

The media does not get it and will not report the truth. The media will not take responsibility for their part in it. We, the people, cannot turn to the Fourth Estate for anything; certainly not information about the truth in Iraq, or America’s responsibility for the violence in Iraq.

The Bush Administration screwed up. There is ample evidence that their own hubris and incompetence is what has caused the misery in Iraq. Their post-war planning was non-existent. It was non-existent out of choice. The Bush team threw out years of Pentagon planning for a war in Iraq and the rebuilding, in exchange for their own dream plan. BushCo wanted a neo-con utopia, instead he created hell on earth and now he blames the victims of his arrogance for their plight.

The Dems did call them out, many, many times for their lack of post-war planning. The Dems did call them out but now too many of them are joining the mantra of “the Iraqis must take responsibility for their Country.” This has to stop and it has to stop now.

Iraqis want a unity government. They do not want civil war. It is impossible for Iraq to unify their Country while the United States is occupying their land. As long as we are there they cannot do what they need to do. BushCo’s Nation-Building game is a loser… unfortunately, for the rest of the world, it remains a game that Junior must look like he has won.

For the Iraqi people it is their lives. We have destroyed their lives, their families, their homes, their Country. We have destroyed it – it is our responsibility to fix it.

As the truth pours out of Iraq – pours out with the blood of the Iraqi people – Junior becomes more and more desperate. Bush is afraid. It is a horrible, desperate fear. A fear that should make us all afraid. It is the kind of fear that leads to extreme irrationality. He is coming unhinged and his desperation will lead to responses that leave the entire world in danger.

What now?

Nothing short of reparations is enough. The United States has caused this carnage. We are responsible. This is not the Iraqi’s fault and this continued meme cannot be allowed to stand. We must leave their Country, prosecute the war profiteers, imprison, for Treason, the people who lied us into this war, and apologize, apologize, apologize.

Bring our troops home and give the Iraqis their Country back.


The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

What, about this demand, is so difficult for everyone to understand?