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"Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves." Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Only We Can End the Escalation

Before the post, this update:

*****Send Senator Webb a note of encouragement and requests for tonight’s SOTU rebuttal.

Write to Webb here.*****

After watching the turn-about of so many members of the Republican Party in the Congress, I can only conclude that they heard an earful when they went home.

Perhaps many of them could no longer shut up their nagging consciences; perhaps that gnawing feeling inside of their guts overrode their allegiance to a failed plan and a failed policy…perhaps.

I suspect, however, that their about face was something different. I suspect that, being professional politicians (whose main objective in each of their actions is to be re-elected) is that they got an earful over the break. I suspect that their constituents let them know that this occupation of Iraq is absolutely unacceptable.

I have heard it said that people do not follow a dynamic politician, rather a dynamic politician pays attention to what direction that the parade is moving and then they go get in front of it. The people are demanding that we end the occupation of Iraq; the politicians are now jumping in front of the parade.

I also believe that the people are demanding that the Bush Administration be held accountable – that parade is being formed, just wait for the politicians to jump on the floats.

I believe that our letters and our calls and our petitions have made a difference. Here are more petitions and event announcements that demand an end to the occupation of Iraq and demand that the Bush Admin be held accountable.

End the Occupation – Stop the Escalation:

It’s not his decision, it’s ours.

Block the Escalation

March on Washington

Pass the word on The Bring Our Troops Home Act

Mandate for Peace March on Washington

Bring them home Now!

Congressional Advocacy Day

March on Washington

Logistics for the March on Washington

Stop the Escalation

No funding for more troops.

End war funding, begin war investigations.

March on Washington

A plan to end the war.

The Peace Alliance Conference in DC, Feb 03-05

Tom Harkin has co-sponsored legislation to end the war.

No escalation! No Way!

Kucinich plan to end the occupation of Iraq.

Tell Congress no funding for the Occupation of Iraq

Linked text

Resist Illegal War and Other Resistance Measures:

Resist illegal war; stand with Lt Watada February 5th

Bush Admin lacks the authority to attack Iran

Do Not attack Iran

Stop the Bush Administration:

Resolutions supporting impeachment

Impeach Alberto Gonzales

Efforts to initiate impeachment

Support impeachment

States introduce impeachment resolutions

Petition to impeach Gonzales

Volunteer for the Impeach Bush movement.

And this just pisses me off and requires Action!



Thursday, January 11, 2007

Time to Re-post This

I put up this post a few weeks ago. In light of the President’s BS speech and the Dem response and everything that I have heard while flipping through CSPAN – it is time to post this again.

I hope to have time to write a new post later. For now, this needs to be said again.

The Iraqi people did not ask for us to come in and destroy their Country. They did not ask for us to bomb their schools, block routes for food, turn every one of their streets into a shooting gallery.

“It is time for the Iraqi’s to take responsibility for their Country.” is a truly disgusting frame. It might be time for the Iraqi politicians to make some difficult decisions - but we do not listen to what they decide anyway, so why does it matter?!

They did not ask for this. This President did this to them. The Congress allowed it. Now our Government needs to step up and take responsibility for the Country that they have destroyed.

A 20,000 troop surge is not the answer. This is the easy answer for this Administration to continue this conflict long enough for the next Administration to clean it up.

I am disgusted and ashamed.

Anything Short of Reparations is Not Enough!

I am sickened, terribly, by the new frame of the US occupation of Iraq.

According to corporate media, some Democratic Leaders, many Republican Leaders and the Bush Administration it is the Iraqi’s fault that things are so devastatingly horrible in Iraq.

Iraq is a proud Nation of 26 million people, none of whom asked that we come in and destroy their country. None of whom asked that we murder, or cause the murder, of 655,000 of their citizens. None of the 1.5 million displaced Iraqis asked to be refugees.

They did not ask for any of this to be done to them and now, because of the clusterfuck that we have caused, the only way for this Administration to attempt to save face is to blame the Iraqis. (Remember, this is the “personal responsibility” president, yet I have never witnessed him taking responsibility for anything.)

Bush claims that the US will leave Iraq if the Iraqi government asks us to. This has been stated before, back in 2004, that we would leave if the Iraqi government asked us to.

The government has asked for a timetable for withdrawal, over a year ago, this was not honored. They asked for a timetable because unfortunately, the Iraqi Parliament cannot yet ask us to leave. I suspect that Bush is aware of this, or he would not have made that statement.

He said that we would leave when the Iraqi “government” asked us to leave, not the Iraqi “people.” He did not say the Iraqi people because he knows that the Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people want us out of Iraq.

The Iraqi people have wanted us out since Sadaam was overthrown. Bush could not leave then, there was too much money to be made off of the 'rebuilding', too much of an opportunity to create the Neo-Con wet dream. He has never cared what the Iraqi people want. Never.

The only reason to stay in Iraq now is to attempt to save face, put off the inevitable until another Administration can be blamed for the disaster and to continue to war profiteer.

Fraud in Iraq costs us $4 Billion a year. Fraud is rampant and the Bush Administration continues to make it easier to war profiteer.

Georgie knows that he has no way out. There are now reports that the Administration is turning to “solutions” which could be even more devastating than what they have already done. This Administration has absolutely no conception of history and its application to the present.

The media does not get it and will not report the truth. The media will not take responsibility for their part in it. We, the people, cannot turn to the Fourth Estate for anything; certainly not information about the truth in Iraq, or America’s responsibility for the violence in Iraq.

The Bush Administration screwed up. There is ample evidence that their own hubris and incompetence is what has caused the misery in Iraq. Their post-war planning was non-existent. It was non-existent out of choice. The Bush team threw out years of Pentagon planning for a war in Iraq and the rebuilding, in exchange for their own dream plan. BushCo wanted a neo-con utopia, instead he created hell on earth and now he blames the victims of his arrogance for their plight.

The Dems did call them out, many, many times for their lack of post-war planning. The Dems did call them out but now too many of them are joining the mantra of “the Iraqis must take responsibility for their Country.” This has to stop and it has to stop now.

Iraqis want a unity government. They do not want civil war. It is impossible for Iraq to unify their Country while the United States is occupying their land. As long as we are there they cannot do what they need to do. BushCo’s Nation-Building game is a loser… unfortunately, for the rest of the world, it remains a game that Junior must look like he has won.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Bullshit from the Dumb Asses

Bullshit: interjection Slang: Vulgar. noun
1. nonsense, lies, or exaggeration.
–verb (used with object)
2. to lie or exaggerate to.
–verb (used without object)
3. to speak lies or nonsense.
4. (used esp. to express disagreement.)

Dumb Ass: –noun Slang: Vulgar.
a thoroughly stupid person; blockhead.

I have not been around much, I apologize. Even though my life is hectic and chaotic and extremely stressful, right now, I have managed to pay attention – I have just not had the time to blog. I am not surprised that there is more bullshit from the dumb asses, not surprised at all.

It was fun to hope that the new Democratic majority, as a result of a midterm election that seemed to have surprised the Whitehouse, might lead to some kind of compromise. It was nice to think, if even for a minute, that I could breathe easy for a little while, knowing that this Administration was in check and that they might seek some kind of common ground with the people.

After-all, it was the people who spoke on November 8th. It was the people who said, “we want a change in Iraq, we want the troops home.” It was the people who said this and it was fun to believe, for just a short while, that this Administration might take the message sent by the midterms and remember that they work for us.

I find it impossible to believe that this Administration and their minions really believe that a troop surge is the right thing to do or that it will be helpful. I find it impossible to believe that this Administration’s Republican ass-kickers in the Congress cannot see the truth of what is occurring in Iraq. I find it impossible to believe that the “troop surge supporter’s” connection to reality has been so severed that they cannot see, or hear, how contraindicated that a troop surge is.

This leaves me with the only conclusion that I can come up with: they are lying and they are dumb. Period.

We all understand that the Whitehouse has absolutely no intention of leaving Iraq as long as they are in office. No intention.

“Surge” is simply a way for the Whitehouse to reframe the debate to convince the last 20% of their supporters that this is temporary and to attempt to make the Dems look bad. There is no concern for Iraq or for the Iraqi people. This American occupation of Iraq has never been about ‘liberating’ the Iraqis.

The American occupation of Iraq has been about oil, war profiteering, power grabbing, redefining the presidency and being able to continue war crimes – it has never been about the Iraqis. The Iraqi people are nothing more than cannon fodder at best, just like the 20,000 troops that GW plans to send in as a ‘surge’.

This surge bullshit is too little too late. This Administration has never listened to the generals, as they claim. GW has performed as a petulant, spoiled, little brat – his entire history shows that he only wants to get his way – there are too many reports that he only listens to those who tell him what he wants to hear. How else does one explain the mass exodus of generals, secretaries and staff pouring from the Whitehouse?

Biden thinks the Administration does not know what to do. Biden gives them more credit than I – he is assuming they actually want a solution. Biden assumes that this Administration wants a way to insure “democracy” or “stability” in Iraq. I doubt this – there is more money to be made from constant chaos and endless war.

It seems like there are fewer and fewer people left who support a troop surge, or who support more war in Iraq. Fewer people who think that this is “winnable” or that we cannot leave until the “job is done”. Lieberman, McCain, Bu$hCo and some of the whiny followers like Sessions and Hatch. There are not many left.

The secret letter from the soldier shows what life in Iraq is like. It is not pretty and it is not tolerable. Will Jenna and Barbara be part of the 20,000 surge? How about the war president himself? Will he be off to Iraq to help “secure the peace”?

The soldiers do not want a surge of troops. The veterans do not want a surge of troops. The American people do not want a surge of troops. The Pentagon does not want a surge of troops and neither do Iraqis. The Dems will not support a troop increase.

It is over. No more. No more death and destruction in my name. I am done and the people are done.

I do believe that we are just being fed more bullshit from the dumb asses. Disagree? So sue me.