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"Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves." Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 11, 2006

Criminally Negligent

I crawled out of bed about 6:00 am PT this day five years ago. I turned on NBC local news as I always did, every morning, nothing was different - yet. The first plane had just hit and local news was interrupted by the Today Show which was already playing on the East Coast. Katie and Matt were attempting to figure out what was going on, the camera was on the towers – I watched the second plane hit in real time.

I was awe struck, as was everyone, on this day five years ago. I could not believe my eyes and I was mesmerized by what was occurring on my TV screen.

How I feel this morning, as MSNBC replayed that Today Show in real-time, and I was transported back in time to a different room on a different day watching events unfold that would change this Country in ways that I never could have imagined, is angry.

I am furious.

I wonder if the propaganda will backfire on this Administration. Everyone knows about the ABC crapumentary that is being shown blaming the Clinton Administration for the events on that day. Well – of course they needed to put out something to blame someone else.

No one has been held accountable for the incompetence and negligence that occurred on 09.11.2001.

Tom Brokaw was on that replay in real-time this morning. He said it then, and I will say it now. ‘Someone will be held responsible for these intelligence failures.’

No one has been.

The investigations were unwelcome and most attempts at accessing information were blocked. The 9/11 Commission attempted to get the data to fully investigate and there was meager cooperation. The Bush Administration did not want anyone looking at their failures.

I have studied many alternative theories to the official ‘conspiracy theory’ that has been told to the public for the last five years. I do not know what the truth is. I believe that there is more that we do not know than we do know.

We may never know what really happened.

What everyone can agree on, I am certain, is that the Bush Administration is Criminally Negligent for what occurred on that day and no one has been held to account.

When I watched the Ted Koppell special last night on the danger to our civil liberties and our Constitution as a result of the exploitation of 9/11, I thought to myself, this Congress would never have allowed Clinton this power grab. That thought was instantly supplanted with the realization that Clinton never would have had a chance to power grab: this Congress would have impeached him for the failure to prevent 9/11.

Bu$hCo is walking free and plays the photo-op part so well. Walking from mass-grave to mass-grave, placing wreaths and feigning grief.

He has absolutely no right to copy the grief of those who have really paid the price, when he has never apologized or been held to account for his failures or explained ignoring the PDB of August 6th. What part of "Bin Laden determined to strike” was so difficult to understand?

I am angry. I am far away from the tragedies both physically and personally. I do not know anyone directly involved. What I do know is that the family members are asking for a new investigation and for people to be held to account. In honor of them and for our Country to heal, I agree.


  • At 11:37 AM, September 11, 2006, Blogger Anjha said…

    I do know that during times of great grief it is 'normal' to look for something or someone to blame. I understand the normal anger that comes with grief. I understand that all of my rage can be explained in that way.

    Currently Guliani is on the SPAN. They are replaying his testimony for the 9/11 Commission in May of 2004.

    He is talking about directing our anger towards the 'terrorists.' How the terrorists want us to be divided and tear eachother apart.

    This Country is more divided than it has been since the Civil War.

    We are polarized in a way that we have not experienced in over 100 years.

    After 9/11 I felt more American and patriotic than I had ever felt in my entire life.

    All of that unity has been pissed away by the Bush Admin...

    Maybe that is what I am most angry about.

    I am done for the day...I am going to work and to try to take my mind off of all of this.

  • At 12:01 PM, September 11, 2006, Blogger mainsailset said…

    Like so much of the last 6 years, I am angry yes, but so very saddened by what this country could have been and has lost. This will be a hard day to get through. Hang in there, your work is getting out into the tubes, you're making a difference.

  • At 6:33 PM, September 11, 2006, Anonymous Seven of Six said…

    2001 was such a roller coaster year for me emotionally. In March I had just gotten the job I had wanted for over a year. In July my childhood friend Jeanine Sanchez disapears, then the attack and the all the following nationalism.
    Then to see this country completely fucking dismantled by this theiving administration makes me ill!
    And to think I was for the war in Iraq for a brief time. I feel guilty and ashamed.

    "It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." - George Carlin

  • At 6:57 PM, September 11, 2006, Blogger Anjha said…

    Once again Keith Olbermann's special comment was brilliant, eloquent and spot on.

    I am so amazed with his boldness and his ability to convey what I wish that I could.

    Tomorrow - a special comment on the special comment and an appeal, once again, to send many thank you letters to the truth teller and last journalist standing.

  • At 7:11 PM, September 11, 2006, Blogger mainsailset said…

    I will know we're getting somewhere when Comedy Central brings back "That's my Bush" Can you stand a little humor, if so, and it's hokey, try this I figure intelligent humor ain't gonna cut it tonight.

  • At 7:16 PM, September 11, 2006, Anonymous Seven of Six said…

  • At 7:37 PM, September 11, 2006, Blogger Anjha said…

    I know. I cried, I cheered. He was fabulous.

    remember - fire off the thank you letters.

    He was slammed with them after his special comment for Rummy.

    We really need to let MSNBC know how much that we love him and the truth that he spews.

  • At 10:36 AM, September 12, 2006, Blogger Anjha said…

    I am absolutely disgusted with the rhetoric coming out of DC. I want so badly for people to begin speaking the truth. I believe that we need to start blogging on the Dem sites and we need to start demanding that they speak the truth.

  • At 1:52 PM, September 12, 2006, Blogger iamcoyote said…

    Mainsailset, they're bringing back That's my Bush? Cool! And you're right, the tide has turned.

    Sorry for neglecting you, Anjha, I seem to be neglecting everyone right now...


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