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"Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves." Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Petitions and Activities and Tidbits

Put your candidate on the record on where they stand on global warming.

Pledge to Vote No on 933

Free Press has several active campaigns.

Confirm your registration to vote. In most places it is too late to register to vote online. You must take your registration form into the Country Registrars office. Make sure to remind your friends and family to register to vote.

DefCon’s action page.

Why are these people allowed to stay on the air?

UFPJ action page

Tonight’s NOW is about public funding of elections. JustSixDollars will be featured in it.

YouTube video on Lt. Watada.

Support the Patriot Project, stop swiftboating.

Read Aaron Dixon’s statements about being locked out of the WA Senate debate.

John Dean’s article on Kuo’s book Tempting Faith.

Women’s Voices, Women’s Vote ads

Keep oil and gas wells off public lands.

American’s United action page. They also are introducing three new websites:

o Project Fair Play
o Piety and Politics
o United on Campus

WalMart’s Right Wing Agenda video

Take the ACLU survey.


  • At 6:53 PM, October 20, 2006, Blogger Seven of Six said…

    Jeez, what Hannity said is identical to what j.west said about a month ago at TLC!
    Someone has the RAM (Republican Attack Machine) talking points going big time! I guarantee they come straight from the RNC and turdblossom's voice!

  • At 7:43 PM, October 20, 2006, Blogger Anjha said…

    Why do you think all the right wing radio freaks had to be in the WH all last week (uh, on our time, I might add)?

    Bastards had to get all of their talking points straight.

  • At 9:39 PM, October 21, 2006, Blogger OffTheFence said…

    I saw that post. Not hard to imagine that they spin talking points on the blogs to gage reaction of general public.


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