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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Post-Election Round-Up

There are already reports of election fraud in Texas and Florida.

Many people are wondering what we should do if it is determined, or suspected, that our votes are not counted or they are flipped or if our elections are stolen in any way.

Due to lack of time and energy I did a quick search and took a look at some sites that I frequent and I found a ton of information on groups dedicated to verifying our votes and some articles proving election fraud as well as a lot of organizations who are on the offense to ensure that our votes are counted. There are a lot of organizations set up to monitor election site intimidation or purging from the voter rolls and there are several reporting phone numbers to call in any problems incurred at the polls.

There are also several planned events on Election Day and post election day to rally and protest any stealing of our votes. Peruse the links and get armed with information. This may be a long month.

Democrats dot com is having candlelight vigils outside election offices to ensure that every vote is counted.

Common Cause is having several election day activities and meetings.

Election Protection 365

Blue Revolution

51 Capital March

Oregon Voter Rights

Velvet Revolution

Vote 411

Protect My Vote

Move On paper ballot petition

Move On Phone Parties We have to make sure that we Get Out The Vote so that the election is less easy to steal.

Campaign for Verifiable Voting in Maryland

AFLCIO My Vote, My Right

Vote Protect dot Org

My Vote is My Voice A cool site interested in joining Progressive orgs together.

Articles on e-voting fraud.


NAACP Voting Page

Black Voter Network

Election Science dot org

Voters Unite

Voter Gate

Vote Scam

Vote Fraud

Verified Voting

Solar Bus

Citizen’s Alliance for Secure Elections

E Voting Experts

Blackbox Voting dot org

This article will just make you cry.

Vote Trust USA

They have known of the risks for a long time.

Working Assets Protect the election


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