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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I’m Just like You, Baby, I’m on the Hunt

SOS pointed out the other day that a mystery Senator has put a hold on a bill that would allow complete transparency for government contracts. Specifically, a searchable database. Yesterday this hunt for the Senator was spotlighted on CNN.

SOS led me to Porkbusters who have been actively asking their readers to find the Senator by calling the Senator’s offices to see if they have in fact placed the hold on the bill (S2590). As of 8:52 am PT the list of suspects has been reduced to 5.

TPM Muckraker is also following this story and has been asking their readers to join in the hunt.

An amazing aspect of this story is that the left and right blogosphere have come together to fight this anonymous hold. Both sides of the blogosphere have been calling Senators and reporting back responses.

Join in.

In addition, I know that there is legislation that would change the rules so that these ‘secret holds’ can no longer be put on bills. I do not remember who introduced this legislation (I remember a floor speech regarding it, that is all.)

If you can help me find this bill number, and who introduced it, that would be fantastic.

UPDATE: I was out for a while. CNN has confirmed that it was Senator Stevens. Stevens denies that the hold was "secret"...if it was not secret then why not come clean days ago when the hunt started? Just Sayin'.


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